Nonsensical Values read from Envoy system, unreliable data reading

New to HA. Not sure how to categorize this.

My Enphase Envoy is reporting very odd values for the individual inverters, fairly regularly. For example, most of the time the numbers are positive, indicating energy production. But frequently the numbers are ridiculously negative–like -2.5kWh when it’s only a 300w panel. Subsequently, it seems, the “current production” for the entire array reports as negative as well. Is this “normal” for an Enphase Envoy, or is something wrong with my solar power system? Is there a way to configure the integration to ignore negative value readings from the system. Also, retrieving data from the system is unreliable during the day. I’ve already found and implemented throttling the frequency of data requests from the system trying to remedy that with no success. Any ideas on that would be appreciated, too.
Before anyone asks, I don’t have the Envoy configuration that reads consumption data, only production data are available.