[Noob] HA on linux with Docker

I’ve really looked, but I haven’t been able to get a good answer to my question…

I’ve got HA running in my Docker and am setting up devices. I’d like to be able to use the TUYA component.

What I can’t figure out is if this component is already part of my docker image or (if not) how to go about installing it. I’ve seen people saying that I should put the code in the “components” or “custom_components” directories, but these don’t exist in my configuration volume, and I don’t know if the right answer is to just create that directory there (somehow I doubt it’s that easy :slight_smile:)

I would really appreciate it if someone could let me know if I’m trying to do the impossible, or maybe point me to a resource that will show me the procedure.


It appears that is a core component.

Thanks for the quick reply… are all of the components listed on the website part of the core functionality?

It can be conufsing because Hassio addons are also listed similarly. They are actully separate Doccker containers designed to be installed on the Hassio variation.

Basic Hassio has 2 Docker containers - A homeassistant one & a supervisor one. The Addons are separate Docker containers that add functionality.

If it is listed as a COMPONENT, it is already part of HA (no matter how it’s installed).

If it is listed as an ADD-ON, it is a separate docker container and only relates to a HASSIO installation.

The only reason you would need to use CUSTOM COMPONENTS is when you have a component that someone created that is not included in the list of components on the HA website. Another reason to use a custom component is if you need to make changes to a component (the code for it).

Add-ons are listed as Add-ons, and Components are listed as Components.

Thanks for the clarification.

Now I’m wondering if I should spend some more time getting the Hass.io image up in a VM. I haven’t spent much time configuring anything yet (just working through my own ignorance).

What is your opinion? Stick with the Docker install or try the Hass.io-in-VM install? Obviously, with the VM, I can use add-ons easily. Is it worth the effort?

Your configs are 99.999% portable between methods of installation (you might have to remove hassio: from a non-hassio install, etc, when switching), so it doesn’t matter what you start with.

I prefer straight docker. I don’t really like hassio, but I have used it and understand how it works.

That’s up to you. I don’t find much value in the add-ons at this time. I have my docker stack configured just as I like it. I can replicate anything from the add-ons that I need.

Thanks for the insight.

Ah… a question for another day.