[NOOB] How to add a cc2531 to HA in een VM

Hello everyone,
I have been setting up HA in a VM on my pc, I also ordered a cc2531 with a debugger. Setting up Home Assistant was easy, so was flashing the cc2531. But I can’t find out how to use Zigbee2mqqt or even connect the CC2531 to the viritual machine. Can anyone explain how to connecht the cc2531 to HA? I have litteraly no clue what to do next.

That’s an old question that noobs often have. =)

Google would have much better answers for you.
Good key words for the search I believe would be:
“Virtualbox usb passthrough” If using Virtualbox as your VM. Or:
“vmware usb passthrough” If using Vmware as your VM.

Hope its of help.