Noob mistake - HomeKit controller question

I’ll preface this by saying I’m very new to Home Assistant.

Yesterday I updated to 11.0.

Today I added a homekit device via HomeKit controller for the first time.

After I did that, while creating an automation with the newly added HomeKit device I realized 11.0 broke an important integration (Moen Flo).

So I restored from backup.

Now I realize that was a bad idea because now the device is already attached to a HomeKit controller that I can no longer see. I cannot add it again, when I try it says it is already attached to another home.

Any suggestions on fixing this? I’m still learning so there may be an obvious answer I am missing.

TLDR: added HomeKit controller for a device, restored from backup, cannot see that device any longer nor re-add it since it’s already assigned a home.

Reset the device, and add it again


Thanks, so simple.

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You will get use to it :laughing: , it’s still “simple” when you get 2 dozen of devices, but Damn annoying :slight_smile: