Noob Notifications

Hi all

So I finally got around to installing Home Assistant and very happy with it. Firstly, I have it running from Synology, Docker etc. I have installed HACS but thats about it.

I have setup some devices in my dashboard but what I am struggling with is notifications. For example coming from always having notifications pop up on my phone from various apps I am now finding that getting HA notifications a bit of a mystery. Everything so far seems to require a script or code of some degree.

What I want to do for example is, if a certain button (Tapo - plug) is turned on, then send a notification to the HA app and thus my phone’s HA app.

I know I must be missing something for sure, I hope so.

Thanks in advance

Yes. Generally, HA does not assume how or when you want to be notified. There are more than 50 notification integrations. If you want to be notified of specific events or classes of events, you need to set up automations to do it.

If you are using the HA Companion app make sure to bookmark and read the Notification documentation.

If you need help designing an automation, feel free to ask for help. Make sure to take a look at How to Help Us Help You: Asking the Question for tips on the information to include so we can respond with answers that are specific to your situation and use case.

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