Noob: Possible to use a ZigBee 3-Way light switch to controll 1 light and use the other buttons to set szenes?

Ist it possible to use a ZigBee light switch like the following to controll one light and use the other buttons freely to set szenes?
If not is there a product that does that or do I need to use a separate switch actor and a (battery powered) button?

Yes, that is possible.

Sure thing. In your automation use the desired button as trigger and in the action call whatever service you like.

Thank you guys - after researching for a while I almost thought it would not work and the buttons are bound to the integrated relays.
Just to be 100% clear: I buy a 3 way lightswitch that has 3 relays, only hook up one relay and bind the other two buttons to random stuff I want, while the other 2 relays stay unused?

Yes, exactly that.

Thank you again !