Noob Question, Bosch HSC Integration


I am very beginner in Home Assistant and home automation in general but I would like to give a try.

My idea is to go with Bosch SHC (Bosch SHC - Home Assistant) and one of the wall thermostats (Smart and Wireless Room Thermostat | Bosch Smart Home).

What I am not fully aligned on is the concept of “Sensor” in Home Assistant.

If I get it right, Home Assistant recognizes temperature from the thermostat and internally it is represented as Sensor object. However I am not sure if Sensor is read-only or it actually can be set and one can change desired temperature and so on. I am not sure if I missed it somewhere in the manual but I could not understand this basic stuff, especially in regards to Bosch HSC.

In the end of the day, I would like to make sure that I will be able to operate the Bosch thermostats from Home Assistant before I commit and go buy the Bosch devices.

Thank you

Yes sensors are read only. The integration does not implement a climate device that can be controlled. This may be a limitation of the Bosch API.

There are many options that do offer control:

Thank you very much for the reply.

So if I understand correctly something like HomeMatic (Homematic - Home Assistant) would allow me to set the temperature via HA.

Thank you again and have a nice day,

Jakub Siska