Noob question on z-wave

Hi there,

I’ve done quite a lot of reading here, and I think I understand the basics pretty well of HA. I understand also how z-wave works.

I’m setting up a POC with:

  • RPI3 with hass-io and HA: works well so far
  • 2 zwave modules I’ve been able to have work with the RPI zwave card

But there’s a fundamental thing I don’t get:

  • there are a lot of compatibility doc on the openzwave site + the zwave alliance site, so it’s easy to pick up all the kit (sensors, locks etc …) that will work
  • but how am I suppose to know all of the attributes of this and that zwave device to properly configure/script with YAML ? Read the openzwave github ? Other ?

Adding most devices is nearly trivial once you get your network up and running. For example, z-wave light is merely a platform for the light component. So, once you add a light by putting it into pairing mode (which the device itself will tell you about) and press add node in home assistant, it will be all set to go! You’ll then be able to use most of the commands for the general light component, and see it on your UI.