Noob question: send URL when button pressed - How to do that?

Hi All,

Decided to switch from Domoticz to Home Assistant after my Shelly 2.5 devices stopped working in 2022.2. I got the basics up and running and I think this platform will provide me with everything I need. I got a lot to discover and learn.

I could use a little help getting my first “challenge” solved. I have a few roller shutters (blinds) I control with a Shelly 2.5 per shutter. That works pretty well for opening, closing and placing the shutters to a specific position. But I have an Aqara two gang wireless switch on a few of these shutters to be able to stop the shutter at a specific point by pressing both buttons at the same time. This action is supported in HA (I think because I can select that when I add a device to an automation). To stop the shutter I need to send an URL to the Shelly to tell it to stop. The command looks like this:

http://my_user_name:[email protected]/roller/0?go=stop

So what I am looking for is a way to send the command to the Shelly when I press the buttons simultaneously.

I created a command line switch in my configuration.yaml like this:

  - platform: command_line
        command_on: 'curl -k "http://my_user_name:[email protected]/roller/0?go=stop"'

Now for the million dollar question: How do I assign this command to a switch or button? I checked “devices”, “entities”, and so on but I really don’t understand how I can do this from the GUI.

Any help or pointers to information appreciated!