Noob that wants to start with HA

Just bought my first raspberry pi, a pi 3.

I want to test at HA but have a real beginner question.

What should I install on the memory card first of all? Should I install ubuntu, rasbian or something else?

Because I need an operating system that I install HA through, right? Or is it its own system?

Help a beginner who would like a simple detailed description to get started.



Home assistant has it’s own operating system. That’s probably where you want to start. Once you get to a point where you need to go beyond the pre built operating system, you can try one of the other install methods. But they are much harder to manage.

Hi and thanks for the answer.

Which link should i choose when i have Raspberry 3? I dont have the B verision.

Unless your pi is very old, you most likely have a model B.

I just saw that it is a B.
Last question, 32 or 64-bit? What is the difference and which of them should i choose?

I really appreciate the fast answers. Thanks again

That depends on the model you purchased I believe. If you bought it recently its most likely 64 bit but it should say on your box.