Noob trying to get Samsung Air Conditioning integration working (Setup failed for climate_ip: No setup function defined.)

Hey, first time trying to do anything with HA and hit a snag that I dont seem to be able to find any solution for. I have an older Samsung AC, which uses port 2878, and I was following the instructions from GititHub here ( I also had to use the HomeBridge NodeJS code to get the token.

Now I have updated my configuration.yaml as instructed

  • platform: ‘climate_ip’
    config_file: ‘samsung_2878.yaml’
    ip_address: ‘’
    token: ‘<AC Token discovered using HomeBridge script’
    cert: ‘ac14k_m.pem’ #set as ‘’ to skip certificate verification
    mac: ‘’
    friendly_name: ‘Lounge AC’
    I have put all the files in /custom_components/climate_ip/


I have also edited the samsung_2878.yaml and put in the IP address and token.

But no matter what I do I always get the error ‘Setup failed for climate_ip: No setup function defined.’

I assume it’s something I have done to the configuration.yaml but I dont seem to be able to resolve this.

Can anybody help me out. I suspect it’s something stupid but I just can’t find it.

My configuration is Home Assistant (0.95.4) installed on Centos (7) as a POC.



It looks like you misplaced the climate_ip files. Did you run a configuration verification?

I have the same problem when i check the configuration validation i get this error:

Integration climate_ip not found when trying to verify its climate platform.

Already found my Samsung AC port 2878 token via homebridge, i followed instructions installation files from latest files then i proceed with that:

  • download all files from GitHub and place them in folder custom_components/climate/
  • rename file to
  • copy everything from file __init to file (you can paste everything at the beginning of the file)
  • restart HASS - it should work
    I make an climate on configuration like this :

- platform: climate_ip
  config_file: ‘samsung_2878.yaml’
  ip_address: ‘’
  token: ‘mytoken‘
  cert: ‘ac14k_m.pem’
  mac: ‘mymac‘
  friendly_name: ‘Bedroom AC‘
  debug: true

Im running on the latest version 0.96 can you help me please?

Can you place the files in custom_components/climate_ip and leave the file names as they are?

the first file structure was this:Climate folder
then i changed the climate to climate_ip and i notice that inserted another file pycache but doesn’t work i have the same problem climate_ip folder

I just did some tests, and it appears that 0.96 has some braking changes to the climate components, and climate_ip is not updated to work with it.

Unfortunately the author of climate_ip, hasn’t posted in a while, so it’s not quite clear when it’ll be updated.

I’ll see what I can do about it, but it’ll take some time.

P.S. someone has already opened an issue, so you can keep an eye on it:

Thank you very much!
The problem is that the 0.96 installed today, also i faced the same problem with 0.95 too.
Ill waiting for updates