Noobs guide to writing code, includes, triggers etc

Hello friends. I am as a new as new can be. and i have dived into the deep end with home assistant. Being new I have some errors and I will hope to post some of them here soon to find answers. but my conundrum is I want to “rtfm” before I do. I can’t seem to find an easy search function on the main site, and most searches on the forums show up things not specifically related to what I am doing. I don’t want to spam this forum. can people please point me in the direction of a comprehensive guide. The site guide seems to be lacking somewhat and I wonder if I am missing it or if you are all super programmers and thats what expected before you leap in here.

at the moment I am running HA on a mac mini with and have successfully implemented
wemo stuff
iOS integration
icloud integration
some automation based on sunsets sun rises and tracker locations
I have started to try to implement Logitech Harmony Integration with @iandday's component where most of my errors are coming from at the moment.

thanks for your help. looking to a) help the community grow and b) learn from all of you.

p.s. I’m from down under so we suck a bit when it comes to home automation products… must be all the spiders and crocodiles and snakes killing couriers or something.

Hi Dom it’s me Dom. I am going to edit in some links to form a noobs guide.

Step 1.

  • Note that indentation is an important part of specifying relationships using YAML. Things that are indented are nested “inside” things that are one level higher. When you are copying code from forums or websites be really careful of your nesting and formatting.
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I can’t speak for everyone but I think there’s a lot in this forum just like you. For me personally it’s been trial and error and only after several months I’ve finally been able to do some more “advanced” things like templating, which basically allows you to pass variables. Just go ahead and post specific questions if you can’t find what you’re looking for. There’s a good community here willing to help and share their configs with you. A lot of us are learning by scouring the forums for ideas. Welcome to Home Assistant.

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I suggest joining the Gitter chat and also checking GitHub for repositories tagged with this topic.

Here’s mine for reference as well:

I also write guides for some aspects of my HASS install here:


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You can search the site using google using these instructions Help - Home Assistant which works quite well. You can adopt it for other search providers if you don’t like selling your soul to google.

But if you need to know anything, just ask. People are civil here. The worst that can happen is that you will be ignored.

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Post your Harmony issues with your configs and errors to a separate thread so we can all take a look.

I’m not an expert, but I have it running based on the instructions in that thread and in fact will be adding another one today (if the mail arrives early enough :wink:) and I’d be glad to take a look. I’m sure others would as well.

You’ll find this group a friendly bunch with little ego and drama (if any).

When you post your code blocks (YAML contents especially), highlight the code block in your forum editor and then press the preformatted text button as indicated in this image below:

This will preserve the formatting (alignment and spacing) of your original code. Formatting is very important in YAML and this will allow us to check it for proper indents and such. You can do the same with your error messages or simply quote them.

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BTW, the reason I suggested a separate post is that this forum is an important knowledge base so a good post with a meaningful title (as you have discovered) helps others find information on similar issues they are having.

donesky :). I worked through it all and it was mostly me not typing things right, but also copying code and forgetting to rename things so that they work my harmony_hub (code had living room)

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There is a big rush to include hardware components.

Not the same rush to include useful code solutions.

At the end of the day home automation function are, what, 50 types? The most useful one, way less, maybe 10-20 (trigger sensor>turn on light, and so on)

I wish there could be a section with practical example (real life example), more easily applicable for the average user