Nook as HA dahsboard

I want to have a dashboard next to my front door with some important HA buttons, temperature in and out, forecast etc.

I discovered that nook e-ink reader could be use for this purpose? You can get a nook for 20-30$ on ebay and it has android on it, so it sounds pretty simple. Just lunch the web browser on full screen and display a lovelace screen or sth similar.

What do you think?

But it would be “black & white” no? Trust me on the following, get a decent tablet/e-reader for this kind of things. I have both an ipad 3 and an ipad air setup and both are slow to open lovelace/app/browser. Unless you can have it powered on all the time.

What it basically means we have 2 beautiful tablets on the wall, but we mostly take out or even look for our phones as looking for the phone often is faster than to wait for the tablet to have lovelace loaded.

Though if it would work well, I might be interested in getting some e-readers as well.

I want something with always on display so that it displays some useful info and is ready for action.