Noon Home Integration

Would like to request an integration for the Noon Home lighting system. I’m getting these gorgeous switches installed throughout my house, and would love the added automation and manual control options integrating them into Home Assistant.

Have you asked noonhome about whether they have an open api?

I really get a little tired of people who expect home assistant to adopt new technologies/products instead of manufacturers coming to our devs. That is not directed at you in particular.

Just sent them an email. Will hopefully connect with someone on their dev team. Do you have any stats/info on the HA community? active users? Active devs? GitHub commit cadence? Etc. Would make the case easier to prioritize a new integration on their dev roadmap.

@nickrout after a quick back and forth with their team, they dont have an open API. but it does look like they’re open to chatting about an integration. they said if someone could reach out to Charles B at [email protected] then he’ll loop in the right dev/product leads to discuss the integration.

Good, you know how to move forward then :slight_smile:

I am far from the best person, no dev experience here. Managed to hobble together an instance of Home Assistant using the GUI. Possible for someone with a bit of experience to reach out? Are there home assistant contractors that might be able to do this?

@balloob sorry to trouble you, but could you see if a dev is interested in this. It seems we have a manufacturer who wants to be helpful :slight_smile:

I’ve actually been working on this - I have it running in my own home, but I never got around to making it “production quality”. I wrote a Noon API library for python (“pynoon”), and a hacky component. I’ll see if I can find time to revisit it.

That said, with Noon now acquired by the same parent as Savant, they may not be as willing to work with us.