Noonlight Security Integraton

I am very new to Home Assistant, and I am a bit stuck. I am currently moving from Hubitat to Home Assistant. With Hubitat, I currently utilize Noonlight for 24/7 monitoring on my security system. It works great with Hubitat, so I just sort of assumed that HA would be fine, given the plethora of integrations and capabilities.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Noonlight integration (GitHub - konnected-io/noonlight-hass: HomeAssistant integration for Noonlight) may be broken.

After following the instructions, including updating my config.yaml, no services, devices, or entities are created.

Does anyone know how to get this working, or if there’s a different integration that I could utilize?

I am in the process of setting this integration up. Did you ever get it working?
Did you try the forked component here: