Noorio Integration

Is there any way to integrate my Noorio camera with Home Assistant?

My first thought would be to see if you can see it with the Tuya app, as it may be Tuya based. If that’s the case yes.

It has its own app actually. You mean i should try adding it via Tuya app?

It may be Tuya based as many tiny manufacturers use the internal chips and devices based on Tuya chips. These will work with the Tuya App.
MANY of the new sounding mfgrs like this name I have not heard of use Tuya chips.
I’m saying yes, doesn’t hurt to try. If it is is Tuya you may be able to use the HA Tuya Integration to talk to it.

Ok. I will try it now and let you know.

Sorry… it did not work. Tuya app did not recognize the Noorio camera.

If you have the URLs for the camera stream and or still picture you can use the generic camera integration. Or if it supports ONVIF you can use that integration.

How to find the URLs?

Search the internet for your model camera and “rtsp”.

Just found that it does not support RTSP nor ONVIF…