Normalise results / reduce decimal places

I’ve just added a Govee sensor with the new Bluetooth integration and it’s giving me particularly accurate data, which makes it look like it’s bouncing around a lot.


Is there any way of reducing this accuracy to smooth it out a bit?

Once the temperature starts to go up or down a bit more, then those small changes will be less significant.

I have the same question, I was using the Passive BLE monitor integration on HACS before the official Bluetooth integration for my Govee thermometers, it had only one decimal accuracy but that’s plenty for room temperature, I don’t care about the other 3 digits, it just takes more time to read.
I looked for a solution but I can’t really make a manual value template for 30+ sensors, maybe there’s an alternative but I can’t find it :confused:

You could do it in the lovelace cards, so it is just the viewing format that is changed.