Nortek GoControl hub for zwave/zigbee does not reconnect on laptop restart

I have HA running on Ubuntu VM on a Windows laptop.

I have a task scheduler job on reboot such that the VM is triggered to start. It works as expected and HA is started automatically. However, the only thing that doesn’t start is the Nortek Hub. The blue light does not even glow on it. The mitigation for me is to unplug and replug the Nortek hub and then restart the VM again. This way the blue light on the Hub remains blue.

This is the hub I have:

Anyone have similar experience or know how to solve this issue?

If you do some googling there are quite a few threads related to many usb sticks in VMs… I glanced at a couple posts but didn’t see any definitive solutions… I don’t use a VM so can’t help there but people do have some work arounds to make it a little less annoying…

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Thanks Bartem.

I think I finally found the fix after reading a customer comment on Amazon link for Nortek hub. Basically the device was going to sleep. Doing this helped:

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