Nortek HUSBZB-1 and CC2531 together?

Quick question - I currently have a pretty solid Zigbee/Z-Wave network built around 78 devices (35 Zigbee) and am interested in adding a CC2531 adapter and running Zigbee2MQTT so I can add some xiaomi aqara water sensors to the house. (Side note: I’ve paired them under ZHA but they won’t stay reliably connected).

I really don’t want to blow up my current configuration, is it possible to run ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT together with different adapters? If I can get the Zigbee2MQTT working well, my goal is to transition down the road from ZHA, but I’d rather do that on my timeline and not start from scratch. Thoughts?

Yes, that’s possible.

I have that exact setup right now and for the similar reason. I have an aqara pushbutton that didn’t seem to want to work well on ZHA so I paired it to the cc2531 and it has been working great since then…well, except for the frequent reports of the battery level being unknown. Kind of annoying but tolerable.