Nortek HUSBZB-1 & zigbee2mqtt

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Does anyone have the Nortek HUSBZB-1 stick working with zigbee2mqtt? I understand it’s not on the official list, nor is it the best ZigBee controller, but I only need to pair Philips Hue Remotes, so I was hoping someone had figured it out.

The ZigBee interface works fine with the built-in ZigBee integration, but haven’t been able to make it work with the Philips Hue Remote.

edit: Thanks to Tediore, I got the Philips Hue Remote working, but others have confirmed the Nortek adapter is not compatible with zigbee2mqtt.

You can pair a Philips Hue remote using ZHA (which I’m assuming is what you mean by the built-in zigbee integration)

Zigbee2mqtt only works with the CC25xx family, and the conbee. No other adapters are supported.

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@Tediore Does this require the hub? I’ve tried pairing with the stock ZigBee integration, but it isn’t detecting it.

@francisp Thanks for confirming. I also have an old XBee interface laying around, but it’s the CP2103 chipset, which is listed on their devices page. However, zigbee2mqtt wasn’t able to communicate with it.

No, you don’t need the hub (that’s the point of getting a separate Zigbee stick). Should be as simple as putting the remote in pairing mode and adding it in the ZHA panel. Try bringing the remote closer to the Zigbee stick during pairing.

So it’s supposed to be as simple as starting the search for new devices in ZHA, and press the Hue remote ON button until the red light blinks?

No, you’ll need to put the remote in pairing mode which, per a quick google search, appears to be by pressing the reset button in the back of the remote until the orange light starts to blink every 2 seconds.

Thanks for the tip. I found a different set of instructions which didn’t work, but following yours made it easy.

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