Nortek HUSBZB Zigbee coordinator Firmware upgrade

I am trying to update the Zigbee coordinator firmware on my Nortek HUSBZB on my PI4.

I have stopped all Docker containers so that nothing is accessing it ( as per the instructions), but continue to get the errors below. Does anyone have any suggestions ?

root@raspberrypi:~/husbzb-firmware# ./ scan

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "./", line 15, in <module>

from xmodem import XMODEM

ImportError: No module named xmodem

it seems you are running direct, rather than in a separate docker container?

see - specifically the last post.

File an Issue on GitHub so the developer who knows how to use it can assist? this has NOTHING to do with Home Assistant. did you post on the openHAB forum too?? :roll_eyes:

It has nothing to do with Home Assistant ? Maybe not, but I purchased this for exclusive use in Home Assistant and because of the vast knowledgebase of HA users, I thought someone would point me in the right direction…

I purchased one too but posting an issue where you got the firmware seems to me to be the most logical way of getting expert support and, if needed, bugfixes.

Posting on some random forum where they may use the device is not a good path to maximize success IMO.

I have used the Z-Wave part of that stick on both HA and openHAB so, I suspect, both forums could have equal chance for assistance IMO.

Did you ever have any luck upgrading the stick? I, too, am looking to see if there are upgrades.