Nortek Linear GoControl window/door sensor state not showing 255 or on/off

I’m brand new to Home Assistant and I’m running Home Assistant on a Pi 3, and I’m trying to transition from Wink to using Home Assistant fully. I bought the 2 Z-wave door sensors and motion detector from Wink which I added to home assistant as nodes successfully, but I cannot get the door/window sensors to show a state of 255 so that I can send a push notification to my phone. I was successfully able to add the motion sensor - and I can get it to notify my phone when it detects motion, but not the door/window sensor for some reason. When I check the history on the sidebar, they never show on or off. They do show a constant state of alarm level 191 but that never changes when I open and close the door. How can I get them to show a state of on or off or 0 or 255 so that I can further call a service like notifiying my phone that they have been opened on them?

You mention nortek window/door sensors, then refer to wink sensors. To clarify, are you trying to configure a nortek zwave/zigbee stick with wink door sensors?

Sounds like the nortek is working fine, since you have it paired and communicating data. The wink sensor may just need to be sent a command or 2 to get it to report in a way ha can use. A similar issue affects aeotec recessed gen5 sensors, where ha users have to configure it to send a ‘binary report’ since it doesn’t do that from the factory.

To find the proper commands (if it is even possible), you will have to get documentation on that wink sensor and the commands it has to offer.

To clarify, my door/window sensors are Nortek Linear WADWAZ-1 Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor which I bought from Wink under the name of GoControl. The manual for my door/window sensors which I am having a problem with are here:
My zwave/zigbee stick is part number HUSBZB-1 which I use to connect to all my Z-wave stuff like the sensors is also made by Nortek actually but I didn’t buy it from Wink.
I was able to get the door sensors added as nodes yes, and yes I believe you are right that I need to somehow translate the binary report so that Home Assistant can read it. In the manual for the door/window sensors it shows this: External Switch Close: 0x00; Open 0xFF
I am assuming the External Switch is what I need.
How do I tell Home Assistant to recognize 0xFF as Open or 255?

Did you go to the Z-wave configuration page, select the node, and go to entities of this node? Ive had some devices have the changes show up under weird extra entities that were added. My example happens to be a motion sensor, but sometimes burglar or something else will be what is changing when you open/close the sensor… how many entities do you have that were created here?

I also have that motion sensor you have, which works perfectly for alarm level, but each of my door/window sensors don’t work in the same manner. I have 6 entities under each door/window sensor as pictured below and none of them change when I open or close the sensor - what do I need to do to them to get Home Assistant to recognize?:

Did you ever get this to work?