Nortek zwave/ zigbee dongle died-Guidance Needed- will I have to start over?


Can someone give me some guidance on my situation.

I believe my nortek dongle died after about 5 years. I use the default integration for zwave/ zigbee.

No devices are found of either integration. And the dongle has no lights anymore, also no signs of life (heat etc)

Can someone give me some guidance on the best way to proceed.

Am I going to have to repair/ essentially start over on my zwave/ zigbee networks. Please say this is not the case.

Thank you all for any guidance. I am going to wait to purchase anything until after I hear some responses.

Thank you all again!!

Do you have a NVM backup of the stick? If not, I’m afraid you’ll have to start over.

Sadly I do not. Newbie lesson learned. I thought about it all the time and just never did it. Fast forward a couple of years later and here I am.

Here is the result of the situation and advice for anyone else that finds themselves in a similar position:

For zigbee with ZHA integration: As part of normal home assistant backups, it looks like HA possibly backs up your zigbee network on it’s own. I plugged in the newly purchase stick and went into the zha integration and when setting up the new stick, it asked if I would like to start new or upload the network from a backup.

I ended up having to rebuild the zwave network from scratch sadly. But half is better than all I guess.