Northern lights forecast

Hi everyone just getting into this need some help with this code no idea why it’s not running
Any help thanks am totally new to coding

alias: northern lights
description: ""
 - platform: numeric_state
   entity_id: sensor.aurora_62_11
   above: 2
   value_template: ""
condition: []
 - service: light.turn_on
   metadata: {}
       - 52
       - 234
       - 149
     brightness: 255
     effect: Aurora
     device_id: 5eb0f1d370f604e311cbf91b7548dbba
mode: single

Please post your code as preformatted text (</> in the cogwheel menu). Very difficult to follow otherwise.

Thanks for the tip

You don’t need the value template line, and service: light.turn_on would normally be used with an entity_id rather than a device_id (a device can contain a number of entities).

Does it trigger but fail to turn the light on, or does it fail to trigger at all?

sensor.aurora_62_11 needs to go from below 2 to above 2 in order for this to trigger. Has it crossed that threshold?

Hi if I manually run lights and seen work great. The value has to be above to trigger

Yes has crossed

Do this then

Go to states in developer tools, and choose sensor.aurora_62_11. Set the state to 0 or 1. Then set it to 3. Then look at the trace for the automation and tell us what it says.

Last night it triggered all working ghost in the system

So you didn’t really want any help?

Yes I did thanks