Not able to choose actions in IOS widget


I can add the HA widget on IOS 14 no problem. But I can not change/choose the actions of the widget. When I edit the widget to choose my actions it just doesn’t work. I do not get a list of actions to choose from. Any ideas ? It did work before.

Thanks in advance,


I get the same thing. Anyone know if it’s just broken?

This has been a problem for me for months. Widgets on iPadOS work just fine, however.

Hey, I can’t add actions in widget anymore.

Anyone else ? Is there a fix ?

ÉDIT: seems like it’s because of the upgrade version 2023.5 , I did a roll back to previous one and it’s working fine

Had the same issue. The widget chooses the first action by alphabetic order. I simply changed my chosen action’s name to start with A1-scenename and it solved it.

Has anyone found a solution for this? Still can’t select which actions on the widget setup screen.