Not able to connect on wifi at work

I installed the app and it works fine when i am at home on my local network wifi or outside without wifi.
But when i am at work i use the wifi provided and when i use that wifi i can not connect to the app.
I can not add the wifi of my work to the app because then it uses the internal address and that doesnt work.

Is there a fix for that ?

Now i have to turn off wifi at work to access my external address.

Maybe would be an idea to always use the external address when wifi id is not specified

Can you access your instance outside of the app (i.e. through the mobile browser) when on your work wifi?

Are you setup for remote access with Nabu Casa or some other method (DuckDNS, etc)?

The issue may be down to network restrictions in place on your wifi at work.

EDIT If you cannot access via the browser, what error message is displayed?

You can use nabu casa that will be the easiest or you can open port/with DNS or you can create a VPN

I had to ask our IT department to allow duckDNS through our corporate firewall/proxy.

If i am on work wifi i also can not access with browser.
Remote access is with duckdns


I now realize its not a error in the app since i also can not access by browser.
I guess its work wifi related that gives that error

My company’s network is so restricted that I can’t even connect through my static IP address.