Not able to install HACS

I am not able to install HACS from the terminal. I have attached the error screen for your perusal.

Can someone help to resolve this error?


Tried turning off IP6 (so only use IP4)?

are you able to access
from your browser?
seems like there is some connection issue

The logs clearly shows that both IPv4 and IPv6 can connect to internet sites, since the first attempt get a 301 error on the IPv6 connection.
The timeout to GitHub is not uncommon though, so as bkbartk mention click the link and see what it says.
GitHub can easily have issues and sometimes the last for hours and even sometimes a few days.

Thanks for the response.
I am able to open the file in the browser (

then it’s not what I expected,
I expected git to be blocked in certain countries.
I actually do see something strange,
your cli only says ~
while mine says: [core-ssh ~]$
see screenshot.

do you use a normal ssh addon,
or do you use the root approach on port 22222
you should use the former.

@bkbartk That depends a bit if you are accessing the SSH addon, or use direct screen access :wink: