Not able to open in Safari (Mac)

After setting up SSH the web frontend won’t open anymore on Safari/Mac. I am not able to SSH and edit my HA config files either.

HA works. On iPhone and iPad opens immediately…

Error message in Safari/Mac: “Safari could not open hassio.local because the server does not answer.”

What may I do?

Try entering the actual IP of your computer followed by :8123.

for example

if you have setup SSL encrytpion it would be

Silvrr, thanks for your quick reply!

On any other device than my Mac this will work!

Maybe something went wrong with SSH?

For whatever reason your Mac isn’t able to resolve hassio.local into the actual IP and route the traffic. Its actually your router doing this work so its strange that some devices allow it to work and others don’t.

Entering the actual IP will tell you if you can connect or not from the Mac. This will narrow it down to a connection issue or a name resolution issue.

SSH doesn’t have any effect on DNS.

You are essentially relying on ‘bonjour’ to discover a *.local name. I don’t like relying on some service that I have no control over to handle name resolution in my environment. That is why I use DNS servers, and why everyone should learn how it works.

OMG - I restarted my router and it works :joy:

Thanks for your help, Silvrr and Flamingm0e!