Not able to turn on or off after renaming nodes


I have been running Z wave without any problems for about a year now in HA without any problem but google home now is available in Swedish i started to rename all (both entity_id and friendly name)my nodes to Swedish names by using the cogwheel. I used swedish åäö when renaming.

I have 15 z-wave nodes and after this I am only able to turn on/control 4 of them but sensors for all of them seems to work fine… I noticed that the nodes that is still working still have the cogwheel icon when pressing them and the units that is not possible to control don’t have the icon.

Any idea what could be the problem.i use Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 and run hass in docker with version 0.80.3. I don’t think i have done any other changes since i had them working

Thanks for the support and a fantastic software!

Pretty sure these aren’t allowed in entity ids.

I thought so also but then i noticed that some of the nodes working hade “åäö” in the entity_id name and the sensors for all nodes working correctly… Maybe this still is a part of the problem… I am not sure what is the easiest/best way to restore the original entity_id name

Thanks for helping out

I think the easiest way is to either remove .storage/core.entity_register completely (but that resets all entity_ids),
or try to remove all entries for a given sensor.