Not able to write data manually in InfluxDB - before it was fine

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Normally I write my water meter reading manually every month using the method below (extract the data from a portal, but the values into an excel which will then give me the commands to use in InfluxDB). Worked fine until last December but now its is not working. Is there a way to see if I am getting any errors?

As you are writing the data manually, this has nothing to do with home assistant. You’d better ask your question in an influxDB forum.
However what I don’t undertstand is why you are writing data manually instead of letting Home Assistant do this for you.

yes i think i should ask in a Influx DB forum.
I am writing the values manually because there is no other way to access the data in realtime. I dont have a sensor with the water meter, I just download the data from the portal and upload it via csv