Not all Add-ons in the list

Hi All,

First, all the best wishes for 2022!

I tried tried to get started with Grafana and InfluxDb, but i found that these 2 addons are not my add-on list. I do see a few possible add-ons listed there, but when i search for grafana or influxdb, the result comes up empty.

I tried reloading, restarting supervisor, clearing cache , and restarting host. But it didnt help. The logs shows

22-01-01 11:55:53 INFO (MainThread) [] Loading add-ons from store: 36 all - 0 new - 0 removed

I have no idea why i cant find grafana or influxdb.

anybody any idea?

Those two addons are part of the Community Addon repository. If you don’t see it you will have to add the repository:

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Thx! dont know how i missed that

Well that repository is supposed to be included by default, but for some unknown reason it isn’t in some installations.

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