"Not found" entity in Node-RED stops the flow

Example situation. I have a flow running in a loop. Runs once on startup - then runs in a loop. It’s a very simple function. After starting, it checks the temperature in the room, then depending on the condition, it either waits for a given time and checks the temperature again, or if the temperature is high enough, it turns on the fan, waits for some time and checks the temperature again, etc. The problem is that the temperature sensor is far away from the zigbee hub. Rarely, but sometimes they lose communication for a while. If the temperature is asked at this moment, “not found” will be displayed next to the entity and the loop stops.

My question is as follows - is it possible to skip the entity in the case of “not found” and continue with the loop?

I suggest you use the event state change node and then switch node rather than repeatedly asking the current state. Your flow will then only do we something if a valid hight temp is detected.