Not getting SensorBinary report, why?

My new Neo Coolcam motion sensor (NAS-PD03Z) doesn’t seem to send SensorBinary reports upon detecting movement, or at least it’s not mentioned in the log. It does send an alarm report. Due to this, the motion binary sensor in HA doesn’t work.
The OZW log states:
Received Alarm report: type=0, level=0, sensorSrcID=0, type:Burglar event:8, status=255

The older model of the Neo Coolcam sends both the alarm report and the SensorBinary report, for these the OSW log states:
Received SensorBinary report: Sensor:12 State=Off

This is missing for my newer model, even though the manual states "Once the sensor detects a movement, it will send “NOTIFICATION_REPORT” and “SENSOR_BINARY_REPORT” to the nodes lifeline to inform there is an intrusion event. Anyone any idea how to enable/fix this?

I read that some manufacturers don’t implement the binary sensor report anymore in their devices.
Either there is a config parameter somewhere that you can set to change it to binary sensor reporting, or you have to use the sensor instead.

Hi, thanks. What would that mean for using it in HA? The (binary) sensor that is created by HA does nothing because its linked to the binary sensor report. Other than that I have the Burglar-sensor that seems to have value as documented as BURGLAR ENTITY. If I wanted a montion-icon on my dashboard, would creating a custom binary sensor be the way to go?

By the way, sometimes it does send a binary sensor report, but only once per day so far. Haven’t figured out why.

You could create a template binary sensor that uses the sensor.