Not noticing Zigbee dongle?

I’m trying to set up Zigbee2mqtt and migrating away from Zwave, but confused why my Zigbee dongle (Sonoff 3.0 Plus) is not being recognized?

When looking in System Settings/Hardware, I’m seeing this listed for ttyAMA0

Subsystem: tty
Device path: /dev/ttyAMA0
DEVLINKS: /dev/serial1
DEVNAME: /dev/ttyAMA0
DEVPATH: /devices/platform/soc/fe201000.serial/tty/ttyAMA0
MAJOR: '204'
MINOR: '64'
TAGS: ':systemd:'

ttyACM0 I’ve confirmed from looking up the device ID is my zigbee controller.

I’ve tried unplugging/replugging the device, as well as rebooting the entire rpi running Home Assistant.

Any thoughts what might be the issue here? Thanks!