Not Panicking...yet! New update killed my system?


I’m hoping someone can help me…

I decided to update Home assistan Core to the latest version today and it seemd to take forever until eventually it hung up. I then tried rebooting my Pii and can no longer access my Operating System.

I can see that the Pii has connected to my network and can access the filing system. Thankfully, I backed up before attempting the update so have a up to date .tar file.

Can anyone suggest how I can get my system back up and running again? I’m fearing a full reload but hoping for an easier solution.

Thanks in advance

Which version did you update to?

2021.9.0 had issues for the p13 but 2021.9.1 should be ok.

You could try this:

Without the ha ho reboot if you have access to the update command.

Thanks Tom, apologies for the late reply. But I ended up having to start over which was very frustrating!

Interestingly, when I used my back up file it didn’t recover everything. I had to reload all my Add Ones for example which in turn needed setuy again. So my DNS and MQTT all needed setup…so the back up wasn’t of much use. I’m not sure if this is normal or whether I’ve been doing something wrong? A queyfor another thread perhaps?