Not receiving Netatmo webooks


I never had to open a thread since I’ve always found the answer here in the forum. This time I’m giving up :slight_smile:

I have configured the Netatmo sensors as described in the documentation (with the configuration.yaml file) but I don’t receive any webhooks.

When I execute netatmo_event I don’t get any output.

I hope you can give me some help, I’m completely out of ideas.

not sure if your expectation is correct. Firing the Netatmo event is not triggering a webhook call.
The netatmo systems should call your HA Url and when recieved, the netatmo event will happen with content.
So testing webhook, is not possible inside HA environment. You’ll need to wait for the external call (or maybe someone know how to send a test from a web dev account on netatmo)

Thanks for clarifying. This is exactly my understanding, the point is that I’m not receiving any.
For instance, my indoor station (temperature, humidity etc) is not sending any webhook.

I have too the weather station, there is no need for webooks as its polling from cloud.
You can also read in the documentation that this device is excluded from webhook implementation.

Are you using Nabu or the dev account?

I see the sensors’ data but they don’t trigger the event.

neither, just the key and secret for the cloud polling. For the weather sensors, there is no use for them

When you only have weather sensors you have no use for webhook events. You can safely ignore this.