Not responfing message when Alexa asked to turn on lights on

Last night I created new groups for all my lights and Sonoff switches using the helper integration.

They were all working without issue when I went to bed last night.

This morning I suspected I had the API issue with Goove as I had not set it up correctly and it had stopped working, to confirm this was the case I restarted HA

Now each time I ask Alexa to turn something on or off (Hue Lights and Sonoff switches) it does the request but also says the group or device is not responding.

This is an example of how things are set up, the group and lights are part of the area

  • Area = Home Kitchen
  • Group = Kitchen
  • Lights = Kit1 etc

I’ve found posts on this topic from the start of the year that gave me the impression that this was fixed mid-2022?

Not critical as things all work but it is annoying at the same time, any ideas? - Thanks

I have the same issue. Alexa will do the request but says device is not responding.

I’m fairly sure this began without me having changed anything as the first occurance happened after I’d been out all day. I paid little attention. Most of my devices are controlled by automations so I don’t ask Alexa to turn things on and off very often.

I wonder if it’s linked to the maintenance at Nabu Casa???

Yes you could be right, the threads I read on this issue all pointed to Nabu Casa so will wait it out

My dozens of lights worked perfectly for over 2 years (!), but also just mysteriously stopped working at the same time as yours. Nothing I’ve restarted is helping, and everything else (besides lights) works fine. Thanks for the heads up about “Nabu Casa”. I have no idea what “Nabu Casa” is though, and I can’t find any other threads about a multi-day outage.

There was a notification in the settings on my HA ( the same place that shows HA updates)

My lights all went back to normal maybe a day after I first posted

We are also having that issue.