Not seeing zigbee2mqtt in add-on repositories

But i see it in my left pane and obviously i’m using it. I want to update to the latest version, but this kind of makes it difficult. Not sure what happened or how i did it last time.

Should i just add the repository as per the instructions on the zigbee2mqtt website? I hope it wouldn’t overwrite all my current sensors ?

Just remove the old one, and add the new one from repository .
it shouldn’t affect your current config, but it is always recommendable to take a backup before messing around :wink:

I can’t remove the old one if it’s not there…

But yeah i’ll take a backup for sure. Just weird it’s not showing up, i did different browsers/refreshes etc, so it’s not that either.

This has been resolved. I added the repo in the add-on store and all was good. I had the option to update again as well. I guess something wrong there somewhere (and it wasn’t a browser caching issue)