Not show switch on home tab

I configured several switches and all of them are shown on the default home group. Now i configured a group and defined some of the switches to show up in the group, which works perfect.
Now my question is how can I remove the switches from the default home group if they are already shown in a specific group?

once you assign the switches to a group they should be automatically removed from the default view.

I finally got it working. I had to override the default_group and only define those entities on the default_group that I wanted to see.

name: Home
view: yes
#icon: mdi:home
- sensor.aussentemperatur
- sensor.luftfeuchte
- sensor.yr_symbol
- sun.sun
- camera.mjpeg_camera
- device_tracker.julia
- device_tracker.wolfgang
- switch.robby
- switch.wohnzimmerstehlampe
- group.climate
name: Wohnzimmer
view: yes
#icon: mdi:home
- media_player.wohnzimmer_2
name: Pool
#icon: mdi:account-multiple
view: yes
- switch.poolabdeckung
- switch.poolbeleuchtung
- switch.poolpumpe