Not sure where to put it... so many issues

Hello Everyone,
my RBPi had yet again a damaged SD card and the entire system is gone. I could salvage my yaml files but the DB is shot. I was running and was very happy with the Supervised version. In the past I used HA but was not a friend as I am not a big tinkerer. I just need stuff to work.

So now it was time to upgrade - I started reading up and created a Ubuntu 20.04 server, followed some online tutorials that got me going until the actual install. Guess what - it was May 11 - a day after the ‘Depreciated’ announcement. I could proceed but why invest in a system that is not supported. BTW I support Pascal to get a work-life balance.

So I installed FreeNAS 11.4 on my system. It all went ok and I had to get used to this new way of thinking but for the last few days I am getting to understand BSD and FreeNAS. Nice that HA comes as a plugin, no tinkering required to get started. I was impressed. Then I realized this was not the supervised version I have everything running - even my ESPs right out of the box but I am now needing to mess with the YAML files.

Here starts my problems.

I was able to mount the right folder on my Linux Mint system, I can browse but cant write. This is whats holding me up for the last two days. Sure I can nano the files but why when you have nice tools like Sublime.
I understand this is a user access right issue but for the love of my life I cant figure it out. FreeNAS describes in the manual a way to mount this and use the ‘nobody’ user and group to allow basically everyone access. But this does not work either. Even opening this as root from my machine will not authenticate me as a viable user.

I know this is not the HA problem and I need help on the FreeNAS side but my first question is:

  1. why did we loose the simple ubuntu server install?
  2. why cant I install on FreeNAS? I know - flexibility is much better on HA, but I have not even started yet with all the needed plugins - I think I need more jails etc, … lost!
  3. And how do I get this access stuff sorted out?