Not sure which smart switch I need for extractor fan


I have a bathroom that has the light and extraction fan connected together, this means that after 60 seconds the fan comes on and doesn’t turn off for 11 minutes. It is extremely annoying and there is no way to change the timing on the module so all I can do is replace it. I am looking at the Sonoff MINI modules but there are multiple ones, and I can’t work out which one I need. I guess it could be Wifi or Zigbee, doesn’t really matter.

The plan is to disconnect the fan from the light and then pair the Sonoff switch with an Ikea button which I will stick on the wall. (Images of the current wiring attached)

Can someone help?

Thank you!

Edit: I tried to work it out and this (might) be it? Now it would be, how do you seperate the light and fan using a sonoff, so when you press the light switch, the light just comes on and when you press the Ikea button the fan just comes on. (note, I am not an electrician, its just a guess)

Yes you would just do a drop in replacement of the dumb relay you use now with a smart one and just put that smart one in decoupled mode to tie it to remote switch and automation’s.

I have a similar situation with an extractor fan powered via the ceiling light but there is no dumb relay in between so I just have both tied to the humidity level and timer shut off in my automation’s using a zigbee light switch to keep it simple then just use an LED strip for stand alone light when I am not in the shower and needing both on.

You can just pull the fan wires out of that relay and connect them to your smart switch leaving the light the way it is. May I suggest Shelly plus instead of Sonoff.

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Why Shelly plus? And so which wires am I taking out and putting into the relay?

So do you have any idea how I would wire this?

Because it’s better, more reliable, has multiple wiring options, is easier to integrate, works in local network out of the box and is not chinese.

Those wires that go to the fan of course. So you separate light from fan.
When you know which smart switch you use, we can verify exact wiring.

The electrician will wire it for you the correct way once you have one ready for them to install.

Thank you, I am not sure which Shelly I should pick, I just want to integrate it into Zigbee and also Homekit (via home assistant). So it can be either Zigbee or Wifi. So I guess this one?

Shelly plus 1 is super, but it’s not zigbee.