Not updating Location/Sensors on Android Phones


I have been reading the posts here about samsung phones not updating location/sensors.
Steps i have done:
Turned off Data Saver
Turned off Adaptive Battery
Made Home Assistant ‘unrestricted’ in battery settings
See images for home assistant sensors that are on.
Updates sensors when app is ‘on’ but not in background
Anyone have any ideas? Can share or check other settings if need be
Thank you in advance

check these steps and if it still fails keep reading the steps for the logs

There is no location tracking option under troubleshooting

update the app, latest release with the new troubleshooting section was just approved and the docs were jsut updated.

Edit: and yes I mean within the past 30 minutes of me posting that link.

This is all I get from the app

Created: 2023-10-13 12:43:02.995
Data: UpdateLocation(gps=[redacted, redacted], gpsAccuracy=23, locationName=null, speed=0, altitude=114, course=0, verticalAccuracy=1)

Location: redacted, redacted
Accuracy: 23
Server: Home

You’ll need to look at the companion app logs when it fails to get the error

Hello, so the issue seems to be Trust anchor for certification path not found
10-16 09:12:02.114 7930 7979 E LocBroadcastReceiver: Trust anchor for certification path not found.

But my SSL is valid?

unfortunately this is not an error the app can solve, android devices can be picky about the certification compared to the browser.

Here are some tips that google offers, the app already takes care of trusting user imported CAs if that is something you need to do.

Thank you for you help and quick responding, I’ve had a look at the things google offer, the other option would be adding the certificate to my device and therefore android wouldn’t have an issue with the trust issue?

yes thats correct

Awesome, thanks for you help, I’ll do that tonight and see if that works tomorrow and if it does will mark this is complete, again thanks I appreciate your time in helping me

Hi, did you manage to solve the issue?
I can’t seem to import the certificate into my android phone.
So I’m getting some location update through, if I’m not actively using my phone…

this sounds more like a local network issue, you should not periodically see certificate issues as you are using the same certificate