Notepad++: syntax highlighting for Nunjucks

Dear community,

when templating code for HomeAssistant, I usually do this within the Developer Tools / Template. Most of the YAML-coding, I do in VS Code and sometimes, I just simply put a few lines together in Notepad++.

Today, I was looking for a syntax highlighting for Nunjucks in Notepad++. To be honest, I did not spend much time searching, and found nothing.

So, here it is, my own User Defined Language for Nunjucks in Notepad++.

Feel free to test it, use it, adopt it, change it, improve it - or just ignore it. :slight_smile:


Ok, I tested it today, when doing some lines for Jira. There, it worked well. For HomeAssistant coding, it definitely needs some improvement… :smiling_face: