Nothing listening on port 8123 after fresh OS install

I’m just starting to look at HA and have run into an installation problem. I’m running it on Windows 10 with VirtualBox using the downloaded VDI file. I downloaded and unpacked the file, created the VM, and it starts fine. However after booting there’s nothing running on port 8123. I can get the the Supervisor page of port 4357, and I can ping in/out of the VM so I know it’s not a networking issue.

docker ps shows 6 running containers - multicast, cli, audio, dns, supervisor and observer (which maps host port 4357 to container port 80). docker image shows 7 images, the 6 that have running instances plus “homeassistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant” tagged as 2021.4.3. I show the entire image name because it’s very different from the others, which are “homeassistant/amd64-hassio-xxxxx”. I’m not sure if that’s an issue or not.

I assume there should be a running docker container for the homeassistant image. Can someone confirm the image contained in the VDI is correct, and give me the command needed to correctly start it?