Notification access through mobile app

Hi all,

You have seen that there are many integrations happening through tasker app to capture incoming notifications to your mobile phones and probably doing extra stuff around it like calling home assistant web api.

My proposal is to eliminate on tasker dependency and creating an optional feature in home assistant mobile app to be able to capture notifications and send them as events to home assistant, if it was setup.

There are already sensors that show notification count, last removed and latest notification in the android app, could you use that ?

These are counting notifications coming from home assistant companion app, not from other apps. think about like;

  • you have installed ring app in your phone
  • you are receiving push notifications to your phone
  • home assistant companion can access these notifications and contents
  • you are able to create automations based on notifications source app and content

The ones I have are from other apps. The sensor shows whatever the android notification is

That is already possible with the app as it is now.
At least the Android app.

Please go and check if you can see notifications coming from other apps under App Configuration - Notifications History. All i see notifications from home assistant companion app, i don’t see any other type of notifications. I would like to capture notifications from other apps so i can react on them. Can you tell me where you see them?

I am interested in content, can you see them?

Ok, i see now, there is a sensor called last notification which should work for me. Thank you all.