Notification Action: Dial a number

Hey guys,

so I’m trying to make an actionable notification, where the action opens the phone’s call app and pre-dials a given number.

My code currently looks like this:

service: notify.mobile_app_my_android_phone
  title: Missed call
  message: "Someone tried to call"
      - action: "URI"
        title: Call Back
        uri: "intent://scan/#Intent;scheme=tel:+4912345677890;action=android.intent.action.DIAL;end"

And it almost works. When I click the “Call Back” button on the notification, my call app opens and the given phone number is shown. But for some weird reason “7226” is always added to the phone number. So in my example the phone app dials +49123456778907226.
And it’s always 7226, no matter which phone number was originally given.

Is someone able to replicate this? Or maybe recognizes the mistake I made?

I tried using the notify service to send a command to my phone to execute that dial intent. That works without a problem.

service: notify.mobile_app_my_android_phone
  message: "command_activity"
    intent_action: "android.intent.action.DIAL"
    intent_uri: "tel:+4912345677890"

I know I could built an automation in HA that responds to the notification action event and executes that dial command, however that has some additional problems (e.g. getting the correct number to dial). I would definitely prefer to use the method used in the first code snippet.

This is a question for the developer of the phone app and not the HA Android app.

Hey, have you ever found a fix for the 7226 problem?
I have exactly the same situation, your work around works for me to but I would prefer selecting the number directly through the URI.