Notification command to enable/disable zone location


I’m not sure if it is currently possible as I don’t see this kind of notification command in doc, but I would like to enable or disable the zone location sensor with a notification command.

My use cas would be : as there is an activity sensor like walking, moving,… I would like to disable the zone location when phone is not moving (still) and when an activity is recognized, set the zone location to enabled to track.
In my case I only use the zone location, not the background location.


whats the use case? battery life will not be improved

The current real use case is since I switched to LINEAGE OS, I always have the green dot of location use and it bothers me…

So I thought when I’m home not moving, the dot would not be on with this feature.

(I know that there is an option in developer tools in this rom to disable this indicator, but it is restored after each reboot)

I understand it is a rom related cosmetic issue but maybe with some tricks with the app I can solve it.

yea that green dot is giong to show up anytime the device needs to use location even if the app is reading WiFi SSID so I dont think youll be able to completely avoid it there.

With lineage os by activating zones, the dot is permanently here. That was not the case on the stock rom of my pixel.
Anyway, I was just asking, if nothing is possible, nothing is possible :person_shrugging:.

disabling a sensor through a service call would be handled through HA core and not the app, the app actually reads sensor enabled status about every 15 min or so via the server.