Notification condition

I’m trying to create a notification when x sensor goes to y state that it will send messages only to mobile phones whose current location is home. I know how to do this by creating one automation per phone but I would like to combine it into one.


You can definitely create a single automation to send notifications based on sensor state and user location, here’s how:


Use the trigger “State” and select the sensor “x” with the desired state “y”.

This is where you’ll combine the sensor state and user location:

Device Trigger: Choose “Device” and select “Any device”.
Condition 1:
Choose “Location”
Select “is”
Enter the location “Home”

Choose “Notify” and configure the notification MaryKayInTouch message.

The trigger fires when sensor “x” reaches state “y”.
The “Device Trigger” ensures the automation runs on any device (phones in this case).
The “Location” condition ensures the notification is only sent to devices that are currently “Home”.

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