Notification delay (#samsung #s10)

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The notifications on my Samsung S10 phone quite often come with a bit of a delay. Sometimes it’s just seconds but worryingly often it’s even looong minutes. It seems like the Companion App is frozen in the background and when I wake up my phone, only then the notification pops up (like it is queued).
Is this some kind of a battery saving mode problem on Samsung phone (had the same issue with S8) or am I doing something wrong?
And yes - I have all notification options on for the Companion App.

MORE READING: Example to visualize the effect:
I am at home. My phone is not used for some hours. There is automation in HA that fires notification when someone is at my door (motion sensor). Then I hear a doorbell (because someone came). Some minutes later (e.g. 30) I get a notification on my phone (sic!). If I’d pick up the phone earlier, I’d probably receive the notification just at the moment I unlock the phone or open the Companion App.

The problem is persistent and behaves the same for all types of notifications I have set up. This makes it completely useless :frowning:

Did you try to use the priority: high setting ?

In fact I did with and without the high priority. Still no luck :frowning:

Funny, I came here to post the same thing. I have the same issue (and the same phone).

99% of my notifications come from Node Red flows. I recently redesigned notification flows to work with the app better (support channels, priorities, actionable notifications, etc.), but to test for reliability, I also made change node to format the message into a Pushover message (which was my previous goto notifier). So right now, I get two messages that are sent at the same time for each notification (Home Assistant app and Pushover). Pushover always comes through right away on my laptop and phone. The Home Assistant messages only seem to come in with a large delay when my screen is off, or within 10-15 seconds after turning my phone screen on. Battery saver and other settings like that are off/not optimized like they should be so my phone shouldn’t be forcing it to sleep or anything. Delay doesnt happen every time, but at least 75% of the time.

You need ttl too, follow the provided example

I’m using TTL too.
Truly I don’t think it’s the setup in HA. It’s something wrong with the app setting on Samsung S# (tested on 8 and 10). Like gregg098 said, it works for the other streams/technologies. Only Companion App is not reliable.

You know I came across this site the other and they were pretty interesting. Maybe it can be of help? I don’t own any Samsung devices, I’m a Pixel user lol.

I have the same problem except on a Mi Mix 3 running AOSP.

I still have notifications enabled via join and they come a lot quicker than the ones via the companion app. I’d much prefer to use the companion app so I can customise the notifications.

Battery optimization is disabled for the app.

Has anyone figured it out?

Did you add ttl and priority like the example in the link up above?

Same problem, just had a notification take 2 mins longer to arrive than the telegram notification.

Once it gets one notification it’s ok for a while so it seems to be getting put to sleep somehow.

I have ttl and priority set. I have a Node Red flow that currently sends a Pushover and Home Assistant notification at the same time with the same message for events. Pushover is instant on multiple devices. Home Assistant will come in quick if my screen is on, otherwise it takes up to a few minutes. Battery saver modes and all similar settings are off off my S10.