Notification if moves

Dear Community,

I want to create the following:
Someone is staying in a place for hours. I want to get notify if he starting to move out of the place 20m radius.

  • A script should create a temporary zone from the coordinates and 20m radius, and if the person got out the area, notify me and delete the zone.

Do anyone have related knowledge? Like how to create zone and delete it from script, or set notification listener/automation and delete them if event fired?

I haven’t programmed anything in HASS, but I feel the time has come :slight_smile:

Best: Peter

Also may NodeRed would be better… what do you think and how would you solve it?

Best: Peter


Did you ever solve this?

Sadly no :frowning:
I had a tons of feature ideas and this has been prioritized to the bottom, so still on the list :smiley: